Saturday, April 30, 2022

War pattern in Ukraine

The shape of things to come in Ukraine can be readily surmised from the history of modern warfare.

The war is bogging down into a pattern of systematic destruction of the enemy. As long as supplies can flow in to defenders, they have the advantage against attackers who have to expose themselves in order to make headway.

The siege of Leningrad lasted for 872 days before it was broken by the defenders, after the tide of war had turned against the Germans.

Similar patterns can be expected to develop in Ukraine, as a center of conflict between Western ideology and Russian orthodoxy. The people of Ukraine and Russian conscripts being the meat in the sandwich, hacking away at each other with virtually unlimited resources for both sides.

The beneficiaries being the financiers on both sides of the conflict. The same people that were the winners in those useless wars in Afghanistan and Iraq.

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