Wednesday, April 18, 2018

It's not that simple, Ms. Notley

By Helge Nome

The Alberta Government's proposes legislation to limit the export of petroleum resources from Alberta.
Information regarding this bill can be obtained here:, where it states that:

"If passed, Bill 12 would require specified individuals and corporations—at the discretion of the minister of energy—to obtain a licence prior to exporting any quantity of natural gas, crude oil or refined fuels from Alberta."

Section 92A.2 of Canada's Constitution Act states the following: 

"Export from provinces of resources. 
In each province, the legislature may make laws in relation to the export from the province to another part of Canada of the primary production from non-renewable natural resources and forestry resources in the province and the production from facilities in the province for the generation of electrical energy, but such laws may not authorize or provide for discrimination in prices or in supplies exported to another part of Canada."

Read the last part of the last sentence: "but such laws may not authorize or provide for discrimination in prices or in supplies exported to another part of Canada."

That means that any limitations placed on exports to BC also apply to all other parts of Canada.

Take some time to consider the implications for Alberta and Albertans.

Tuesday, April 17, 2018

Caroline Community Celebrates Its Volunteers

Outstanding Youth Volunteer: Lillith Nuzum

 Volunteer of the Year: Amanda Archibald

Volunteer Lifetime Achiever: Helen Willigar

By Helge Nome

The Caroline Community celebrated the work of its volunteers at the Caroline Legion on Monday, April 16. Of the 280 people nominated by their peers as volunteers for the community about 100 attended the event and received due recognition for their work. MC for the event, which is now in its 14th year, was Sharleen Thornberry who introduced speakers and handed out well deserved door prices donated by local businesses, organizations  and individuals.

Special recognition was give to Lillith Nuzum as the Outstanding Youth Volunteer, Amanda Archibald as the Volunteer of the Year and Helen Willigar as the Lifetime Achievement Volunteer with some 50 years of service to the Caroline Legion.

The event was sponsored by the Clearwater Regional Family and Community Support Services Board and carried out by volunteers from the Caroline Neighbourhood Place Society.

 MC Sharleen Thornberry

 Clearwater Regional Family and Community Support Services Manager Andrea Vassallo

About 100 nominated volunteers attended the volunteer appreciation event