Wednesday, December 8, 2021

Swarm of more than 40 earthquakes in 24 hours on the Blanco Fracture Zone off the Pacific Northwest coast raises fears of a significant quake that could cause a tsunami

US, Europe risk falling behind as China nuclear industry expands

Boris pushes button on Plan B: PM orders return to WFH, more masks and Covid passports with fears Omicron could soon spark 1,000 hospital admissions a DAY - but he gets brutal grilling over No10's 'illegal' Christmas party

Canada cuts more cheques for UN peacekeeping, says nothing about troop commitment

Military's former head of HR charged with sexual assault, indecent acts

Canada's effort to bring in Afghan refugees expected to take up to two years

What I learned about community from my Korean parents who lived in rural Canada

How to catch your once-in-a-lifetime look at Comet Leonard

Can the U.S., a beleaguered superpower, still play leader of the free world?

Tracking omicron: Canadian scientists race to understand new variant

23 women have died after intimate-partner violence since the 1970s in this rural Ontario community

Tuesday, December 7, 2021

Russian roulette: Ukraine warns of a 'bloody massacre' and five million refugees fleeing into Europe if Russia invades, as Kremlin says escalating tensions are 'off the scale'

UK’s Covid cases spike again amid growing Omicron wave: Daily infections jump 15% in a week to 45,691 as Boris warns super-mutant variant IS ‘more transmissible’ with numbers doubling every two days

Khashoggi murder suspect is arrested in France: Former member of Saudi Royal Guard is held while waiting to board a flight to Riyadh

'Weather bomb' EXPLODES over Britain: 35ft waves spark flood chaos as 1,000-mile wide Storm Barra pummels UK with 80mph gales, rain and up to EIGHT INCHES on snow... after knocking out power to 60,000 homes in Ireland

Canada's first homegrown COVID-19 vaccine shows high efficacy

Deportation decision delayed for trucker who caused Humboldt Broncos bus crash

Coastal GasLink failed to fix nearly 2 dozen environmental violations along pipeline route, B.C. officials say

Vaccine inequity only partially to blame for Africa's low vaccination rates, experts say

Ongoing immigration-processing delays leave many in limbo in Canada and overseas

Spy agency warned Trudeau China's tactics becoming more 'sophisticated ... insidious'

Monday, December 6, 2021

Omicron-stricken South Africa sees cases almost triple in a week with hospital admissions DOUBLING

Cracks in tails of RCAF Cyclone helicopters raise 'serious concerns,' says expert

Ottawa needs a whole new approach to national security threats, experts say

Two students at Polytechnique Montréal reflect on how the tragedy shaped their paths

Banned for decades, releasing oilsands tailings water is now on the horizon

Locked out of Facebook, musician struggles to get account restored

As omicron variant spreads, Manitoba couple feel 'criminalized' after return from South Africa

Biden administration hints at deploying additional US troops to support NATO allies if Russia invades Ukraine: President will threaten Putin with economic sanctions during Tuesday call

UK's Omicron wave grows: Cases jump by a fifth to 51,459 with super-mutant strain now spotted 336 times... as experts warn true toll could already be FIVE TIMES higher and Boris says he will decide on Xmas curbs in ten days

Warning signs present in 1 in 3 homicides of intimate partners, CBC investigation finds

Sunday, December 5, 2021

Omicron COVID variant spreads to a THIRD of US states as Surgeon General urges Americans not to panic

Britain’s Omicron outbreak grows by more than 50% in a day: 86 new cases take total to 246 as scientist warns its ‘too late’ to halt spread and overall Covid cases rise by 16% in week to 43,992

South Africa’s Covid surge continues: Today’s cases rocket 289% compared to last Sunday with 11,125 new infections recorded as hospitalisations begin to tick up too

Preparing to do more: Barbados visit reflects evolving role of Prince Charles in royal transition

Liberal MP feeling 'excited but nervous' after winning private member's lottery

Canadian field hockey players heading home from South Africa after travel exemption granted

Why employers may need to bend toward a more flexible future to stay competitive

Would national vaccine mandates work in Canada? Experts aren't sure

Saturday, December 4, 2021

Is COVID getting smarter? WHO says no one has yet died from Omicron variant despite the new Covid strain being spotted in 38 countries

It's been a happy year for someone at least: Tears of joy and 'heart' were the world's most-used emojis of 2021

Canada added 154,000 jobs last month, pushing jobless rate down to pandemic low of 6%

Parents charged in Michigan school shooting are in custody, police say

A 3-year-old went for a flu shot. Instead, she mistakenly got an adult COVID-19 vaccine

Will psychedelics become mainstream? This Calgary company is betting on it

Doctors call for help as hospitals battle surgical backlogs, staffing shortages

Friday, December 3, 2021

Cops hunt for 'fugitive' parents of Michigan shooter Ethan Crumbley, 15, after they withdrew $4,000 from ATM and disappeared when manslaughter charges were announced: Lawyer claims they are 'returning'

Heads up: How China is colonising the Commonwealth: As Britain beats itself up over our imperial past - and slavery - countries once loyal to the Crown are kneeling to Beijing which is building its own empire and enslaving a million Uighurs

Alberta oilfield jobs now:

US adds just 210,00 jobs in November - 340,000 BELOW expectations - in another dire employment report: Psaki finds out live on air, says she can't comment and points to Biden's 'good trends'

Terrified female driver, 19, desperately signals for help as her car is dragged down Chicago highway by oblivious truck driver after it got trapped when she changed lanes

Nice try : ) Italian anti-vaxxer, 50, tries to dodge Covid vaccine by wearing a FAKE ARM but he now faces fraud charges after doctors foiled his plan

Highway 1 to Hope reopens as rains ease in southern B.C., but flood warnings remain in place

Coming of age - Barbados just got rid of the Queen — should Canada follow suit?

Edmonton police officer fined $2,000 for 2019 assault on Indigenous man

Edmonton police officer fined $2,000 for 2019 assault on Indigenous man

Unable to find nearby housing, this mature student walked 32 km every day for school

Kaillie Humphries sworn in as American, officially paving path to Beijing Olympics

A rise in postpartum mental health challenges sparks new supports

Residential school survivors want concrete plan to result from Vatican visit

Canada wants urgent changes to trade rules for the auto industry. The U.S. may not even care

Threatened with insolvency, Green Party considers closing its head office

Canada should focus on vaccine equity — not travel bans — human rights advocate, doctors say

Thursday, December 2, 2021

Tensions Grow Over Ukraine With the Trading of Threats

Shocking graphic of Omicron's 32 spike mutations reveals why scientists are so worried about the most evolved Covid strain ever — but jury's still out as South Africa insists it's still only causing mild illness

Germany locks down the unvaccinated: Angela Merkel says parliament will debate making shots MANDATORY as she bars the un-jabbed from non-essential shops and leisure facilities

Women's Tennis Association suspends tournaments in China over concerns about player Peng Shuai

Premier's office denies toxic work environment in legislature in lawsuit rebuttal

MPs embrace after bill to ban conversion therapy passes unanimously in House

Sask. art gallery reviewing 2,000 pieces following return of stolen Indian statue

Welcome to the new tradition of Christmas tree shortages

MLB owners lock out players amid league's 1st work stoppage since 1995

What's behind Alberta's startling reversal of fortune? Hint: It's oil prices

The inflation debate could preview the next big shifts in Canadian politics

New COVID-testing rules just 'one more hit' for pandemic-weary travel industry

Wednesday, December 1, 2021

U.S. tells Russia to pull back from Ukraine or face painful sanctions

Beginning of new war?

Op Ed by Helge Nome

Tensions between Russia and the US have been steadily building lately, over the question of Ukraine and its application for membership in NATO.

Russia sees such a development as unacceptable right on its border and within its sphere of influence.

Ukraine, on the other hand, sees it as a necessity and deterrent against being bullied by Russia.

As it turns out, Ukraine has powerful allies in the US that are prepared to use their political influence on the US government to get their way, even if it involves military action against Russia in the region.

The Russians see themselves as having the military advantage if a decision is made to invade Ukraine and could quickly occupy that state if they choose to do so.

Who blinks first?

If nobody does we will all be paying for it.

This should concern us all: Russia expels U.S. Embassy staff in retaliatory move as tensions mount between Washington and Moscow PUBLISHED WED, DEC 1 20216:52 AM ESTUPDATED 2 HOURS AGO

Volocopter to create first public eVTOL system in the futuristic region of NEOM, Saudi Arabia

Some good news? What's all the fuss about? Most Omicron cases are 'mild' or show no symptoms at all and existing jabs should provide high protection against hospitalization and death, World Health Organization claims

Macron calls Boris a CLOWN: President branded Johnson a 'good-for-nothing' and slammed his conduct in the sausage wars, fishing row and submarine affair - according to respected French magazine

South Africa's Covid cases DOUBLE in a day as test positivity climbs to 16.5% but hospital admissions remain FLAT amid fears of Omicron-driven wave — just hours after the WHO said vaccines SHOULD work against super-mutant

New caller ID law now in place to help fight wave of spam and spoof calls

Multiple pedestrians injured, some critically, in London, Ont., crash

Young Canadians launch court challenge to lower federal voting age from 18

Why Canada is unlocking its vault of maple syrup

Omicron could threaten COVID-19 immunity — but we're not going back to 'square one'

Tuesday, November 30, 2021

US and China are in a new 'arms race' to develop the most 'lethal' hypersonic missiles, Air Force Secretary says - while Space Force commander confirms Beijing has rocket that can STAY in orbit

'Sheriff's office, safe to come out': Moment Michigan school shooter, 15, tried to lure screaming students out of locked classroom after killing three and wounding eight, including a teacher, before they jumped out of window to escape

'I certainly remember President Trump': Lolita Express pilot confirms Donald Trump flew with Epstein on his private jet in bombshell testimony at Ghislaine Maxwell trial

Yukon now has highest opioid death rate in Canada, territory's chief coroner says

Federal government introduces legislation to ban conversion therapy in Canada

Barbados is cutting ties with the Queen — but lack of public vote has some island residents asking why

Calgary teacher got away with decades of sexual assaults, lawsuit alleges

New Indigenous healing space offers 'a place where people can talk about their brokenness,' founder says

Relentless rain prompts more evacuation orders as B.C. braces for 3rd consecutive storm

As Canada's coat of arms turns 100, is it time for an overhaul?

Hundreds have tried to enter Canada with fake COVID-19 test results, proof-of-vaccine documents: CBSA

Unjabbed over-60s will be FINED £85 a month in Greece as the country makes Covid vaccinations compulsory for that age group

Germany looks set to follow Austria and make Covid jabs compulsory after incoming chancellor says he backs the idea

Royally tired: Moment Prince Charles almost falls ASLEEP at midnight ceremony to mark Barbados becoming a republic ending four centuries with British monarch as head of state

Monday, November 29, 2021

Oldest-known fossils of mysterious human lineage uncovered in Siberian cave

B.C.'s year of extreme weather a sign of things to come, expert says

South Africa province where the Omicron COVID-19 variant was first detected sees 330% surge in hospitalizations in the past two weeks

Problematic plane: Going, going… GONE! Footage emerges of farcical moment $130million F-35 fighter jet dropped off end of HMS Queen Elizabeth's runway with pilot ejecting as the plane sank - sparking furious search to retrieve its top secret tech

Could Omicron be GOOD news? Variant 'might speed up end of pandemic if it causes mild illness' as South Africa records NO hospital admissions or deaths from super strain - but scientists won't know for at least two weeks

Weekend rain drenches southwest B.C., prompting flood warnings, evacuations

Brad Gushue, Jennifer Jones will curl for Canada at Beijing Olympics–%20Morning_1613_342566

'There's nothing to stop it': Floodwaters rising in Abbotsford as Nooksack River overflows

If the way we work is going to change, offices are going to change, too

Got something in self storage? What you need to know amid rising thefts

Canada's first cases of the omicron coronavirus variant confirmed in Ottawa

Sunday, November 28, 2021

Flooding in Australia

BC floods tonight, and more

Societal Power Play

By Helge Nome

The world wide COVID pandemic and the increasingly obvious effects of violent weather events are bringing home the power of governments to control people

The emergence of new, ever more virulent variants on the COVID front bring forth ever stronger government counter measures, like effective social isolation for those that refuse to be immunized.

States of emergency are routinely declared by governments in the face of violent weather events, as in the recent flooding event in southern British Columbia.

In tandem with these developments, mega corporations are using their social media platforms to rope people into their folds with the object of exploiting them to the fullest.

They try to create virtual worlds, where people spend most of their waking time being manipulated.

I believe this is a repeat of what has happened, possibly many times in the past; the silent reminders of which are the gigantic stone structures left behind by previous iterations of civilizations.

Church of Sweden apologizes, embarks on reconciliation with Indigenous Sámi people

Attention shoppers: Overcharged for an item at checkout? You might be able to get it for free

Travel curbs aimed at omicron variant tighten across the world

As critics warn of genetic 'surveillance', RCMP explores use of DNA matching in criminal probes

Heavy rain returns to southern B.C., triggering new evacuation order

Saturday, November 27, 2021

Fauci says 'he wouldn't be surprised' if Omicron COVID variant is already in the US as flights continue to arrive from South Africa and Biden is slammed for delay in banning travel: UK identifies two cases and orders travel restrictions

Russia starts full-scale production of its 'unstoppable' 6,670mph Zircon hypersonic missile as Moscow boasts it has capability to evade all Western defences

Photos:Three people are killed by falling trees in Storm Arwen: More than 130,000 homes are without power with 100mph gales and snow blizzards causing travel chaos and amber and yellow warnings still in place across UK

As Russia builds up military near border with Ukraine, the West fears the worst

Canada, a critical-minerals superpower? Let's pause for a reality check

Residents fear effects of increasing quarry activity on Elmvale groundwater, believed to be cleanest in world

A 20-year spike in inflation could put the bite on the Trudeau Liberals

Powerful documentary: Come hell ... B.C. under water

Friday, November 26, 2021

Wet'suwet'en hereditary chief says RCMP raids and courts orders won't stop pipeline blockade

This 13-year-old metal detectorist unearthed a trove of possible Bronze Age axes

David Suzuki apologizes for saying pipelines could be 'blown up'

Storm Arwen claims her first victim: Driver dies after being hit by a falling tree as police warn motorists not to travel and Met Office issues highest 'danger to life' alert amid 100mph gales, flooding and BLIZZARDS

Pictured: First victim of Channel tragedy that killed 27 migrants is confirmed as Kurdish student, 21, from northern Iraq who lost contact with her husband in middle of sea

RCMP expected stiffer resistance during raid in B.C. pipeline, land rights conflict

Up to 10% of homes could now be 'uninsurable' because of flood risk. Yours may be one of them

More countries announce COVID-19 travel restrictions after omicron variant discovery

Canada's climate change efforts going from 'failure to failure,' says commissioner's report

Out of Africa:Why is the Botswana variant so scary? Super strain has evolved to have ALL of the worst mutations of Alpha, Beta and Delta combined plus new ones that could make it the most infectious and jab-resistant variant ever

Thursday, November 25, 2021

Sun Worship Through The Ages

South Africa could go on new red travel list as early as TOMORROW as Number 10 is warned over super-mutant Botswana Covid variant that has caused 'exponential' rise in infections and could make current vaccines at least 40 per cent less effective

From humble sandwich shop... to world's BIGGEST restaurant chain: Subway tycoon dies aged 90 after co-founding 'Pete's Super Submarines' in 1965 before becoming $1.7bn franchise king of 40,000 branches

'It was like the film Titanic when you saw all these people drowning with no means of rescue': Lifeboat volunteer relives pulling six bodies from sea after 27 migrants drowned in Channel as dramatic Mayday call made by French coastguard is revealed

TerraPower selects coal site for reactor demo; US bill allocates billions for nuclear power

Good news on the nuclear front: Moltex, Elysium reactors to put used fuel to work

Land Back movement leader flagged by police as 'violent'

The Conservatives' inflation argument is flawed — but it still might work

Alberta premier says environmentalist David Suzuki incited violence with pipeline comment

'Selfless' man killed in B.C. mudslide used last moments to save his mother, sister says

Canada's mask guidance has changed. Here's why you might need an upgrade

Wednesday, November 24, 2021

Alberta Rockies coal mining protesters turn attention to UCP AGM

From fire to ‘atmospheric river’: Why B.C. is trapped in a world of climate extremes

Historically low water level on Bow River concerning, water scientist says

New Botswana variant with 32 'horrific' mutations is the most evolved Covid strain EVER and could be 'worse than Delta'

Refugees in Exclusion Zone Deeply Divide Poles

How long before HOMESCHOOLING hits? Parents are banned from nativities and Christmas fairs are cancelled as schools impose their OWN circuit breakers and encourage face masks in a bid to halt the virus after Covid cases surge

Boris Johnson calls on France to smash slave gangs who are 'getting away with murder' as at least 33 migrants including five women and a girl drown in deadliest-ever Channel crossing

Kelowna RCMP apologizes for failing to investigate sexual assault complaint at university campus

Lake Manitoba shows off rare ice formations

Vaccinating young kids may take time but experts ready to discuss parents' concerns

'Unprecedented' storm moves over southwestern Newfoundland

Race played role in how Quebec premier, Montreal mayor handled 2 teen deaths, experts say

'Far from bankrupt': Catholic order that ran 48 residential schools faces criticism

B.C. woman fined $5,700 at border said agents unaware of new travel exemption issued by Canadian government

Tuesday, November 23, 2021

Last person alive born in the 19th Century dies: 'Oldest person in the world' - believed to be 124 years old - passes away in the Philippines

Judge releases journalists arrested by RCMP during enforcement of pipeline injunction

Canada struggling to meet refugee target number for 2021

Liberal government launching third term with a throne speech focused on lingering COVID-19 crisis

N.B. trail makes National Geographic list of world's best adventure destinations

Breast cancer screening guidelines based on flawed Canadian study, new paper says

B.C. disaster drives home need for flood-resistant infrastructure across Canada, climate experts say

Bodies 'pile up' in Romanian morgues as Europe's Covid crisis worsens

New Delta subvariant of Covid is MORE infectious and will be dominant in Britain in months

Four-year-old twins burned alive along with their parents in Bulgarian bus crash horror

Web of Life

Op Ed by Helge Nome

This term is well known in the English language and also well understood: The interconnectedness of all things alive.

On an intellectual level, that is, in our European culture.

Emotionally, we are focussed on acquiring territory and power over others, subjugating them to our will and using them to our advantage at their expense.

It is a primitive mindset – that of the Viking.

We have also used that mindset in an attempt to become the masters of Nature herself. And look at the price we are now about to pay for that folly.

A growing web of life consists of ever new relationships forming between organic and inorganic entities, each giving the other some reason to cooperate for mutual benefit: Bees and flowers, fruits and birds, just to name a couple.

In contrast to the “Me, me, me” of Western ‘culture’.

Monday, November 22, 2021

The Violence of the Fourth Wave "One Thing We Have Learned Is that COVID Is an Asshole"

Anti-Vaxxers and Politicians Push Germany to the Brink

Germans will be 'vaccinated, cured or dead' in a few months

Austria shuts down as country enters 4th COVID-19 lockdown

More money for less

Americans load up on firewood as home-heating costs skyrocket

Advocates call for release of journalist, filmmaker arrested at pipeline protest in B.C.

Workers want a flexible future at work. What do employers want?

More victims identified from fatal mudslides near Lillooet, B.C.

Flood-affected B.C. residents who must go to U.S. for essentials exempt from COVID-19 testing, quarantine

CRTC hearings begin on Rogers-Shaw deal that would make Big Three telcos even bigger

Inside Saint John's response to a 'devastating' cyberattack

5 dead, 40 injured after SUV speeds through Wisconsin Christmas parade, police say

Parliament returns today with a familiar seat map but a new set of challenges

How Canada could retaliate if tariff-like U.S. electric car policy goes ahead

Baby diagnosed with a sprain had actually suffered a stroke

Sunday, November 21, 2021

Epstein and Ghislaine were blessed by the POPE: Photo reveals paedophile billionaire and his 'madam' at private meeting with the Head of the Catholic Church in the Vatican after flying into Rome on his 'Lolita Express' private jet

Mother clutching baby to chest is among 200 migrants seen scrambling up Kent beach

‘Missing’ Chinese tennis star Peng Shuai holds video call with IOC officials

Moving towards an authoritarian society

Op Ed by Helge Nome

Across the world people are demonstrating over the loss of personal liberties in the face on an aggressive enemy called COVID that is continually morphing into a more deadly customer.

A major catastrophe caused by an "aerial river" hitting southern British Columbia, has prompted the government of that province to declare a state of emergency restricting the movement of people.

This is not unlike what happens when nations go to war against each other and people generally accept the more stringent rules.

So, what we can expect if natural (and unnatural) disasters continue to happen is increasingly authoritarian behaviours by government out of a perceived need for same.

Gang of EIGHTY crowbar-wielding looters in ski masks ransack California Nordstrom

Now Germany says it is set make Covid vaccinations COMPULSORY

Tens of thousands protest COVID-19 restrictions, vaccine requirements across Europe

B.C. urges residents of province's North Coast to prepare for severe weather

What happened behind the scenes of our WE Charity investigation

Video, photos of missing Chinese tennis star Peng Shuai posted online–%20Morning_1613_336260

Sen. Josée Forest-Niesing, 56, dies following struggle with COVID-19

New Parliament, old traditions: Here's what to expect when MPs return this week

Why there aren't enough Santas to go around in some parts of Canada

Passing the royal baton: How more duties are gradually shifting from the Queen to the younger generations

How the legacy of the Royal Commission on Aboriginal Peoples lives on, 25 years later

5 out of 6 winter boots fail slip test on ice, Marketplace finds

Late diagnosis of tumours in children collateral damage of COVID-19, doctors say

1 dead, 13 injured after semi-trailer collides with bus on B.C. highway near Alberta border

B.C. highways reopen, food systems starting to stabilize, provincial officials say