Monday, December 20, 2021

Electronic corral

Op Ed by Helge Nome    December 20, 2021

In the past, as today, the majority of humanity tends to end up corralled into functional units like nation-states and all manner of organizations within nation-states.

Power structures form within which individuals take their places and seek to enhance their power to control and influence other people.

The outcome of this process invariably give a very small number of people a high degree of control over the vast majority to their ultimate detriment.

Historically, "The Company" exercised a sense of ownership of its employees and treated them accordingly, not unlike slave owners did in their day. 

Today, employees have more flexibility than in the past, but alas, there is a new shepherd on the block, looking to assemble his own flock: Megacorp. 

This dude wants to create the "Metaverse" where he can control the behaviour of those that immerse themselves in his creation while under the illusion of creating their own world.

Like sheep, folks will live within the fences provided around the electronic paddocks and pass through the gates as they open and close.

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