Friday, April 8, 2022

Propaganda wars

Growing up in the 1950ies, I used to go to the movie theatres in my home town of Kristiansand in Norway and watch feature films.

In order to "meat out" the experience old "Movietone" newsreels were played before the main show, presenting wartime action in Europe and elsewhere from the allied perspective.

Recently I came across similar types of newsreels posted on the internet produced by the other side of the conflict, Germany.

You could hardly believe it was the same war they were talking about. The 'good guys' and winners were always on the presenting side of the fence, as can be expected.

Exactly the same is now happening on both sides of the fence in regards to the Ukraine conflict, as I can verify by watching presentations by the Russian RT and TASS news networks.

Interestingly, my Google Chrome web browser will no longer permit me to access these news sources, (but it is not very difficult to get around Mr. Google : )

So, when the Western Empire's MSM complain about Russians not being able to receive the 'real news' from the battlefront, guess what they are doing in their own backyard, other than filling it up with their bullshit? Answer: Not much.

And it is amazing how similar the reporting is on both sides, painting the other as the devil himself.

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