Thursday, April 21, 2022

Russian perspective

The war in Ukraine needs to be seen in a broad context in order to understand its likely trajectory.

The theory of Socialism took hold in the nineteenth century and opened the minds of working people to the possibility of getting out from under the yoke of strangling capitalism

During WWI, Russia was selected as the guinea pig nation in which to test out a practical application of the theory.

So, Russian agitator Vladimir Lenin was dispatched, along with a cohort, from New York with plenty of resources to back him up and get his crew installed in power in Russia.

The result was the Soviet Union and the history that followed with 20 ++ millions dead following the 1930ies depression and WWII.

"Socialism" was the "New World Order" of the day and Russians, who are fundamentally conservative minded people see the possibility of being made guinea pigs, once again, by Western
interests as NATO attempts to close the noose around Russia's borders.

Russians like their "strong man" in the Kremlin and Stalin (translates: Man of Steel) was quite popular in his day. As Putin is now.

Also, Russia has huge resources and the two most populous nations in the world, China and India, are tacit supporters of Russia.

And as you look at the map of Europe with Ukraine situated in a strategically vital spot for Russia, it is easy to understand that this war will go on until Zelenski and his administration is replaced with a Russia friendly group in Ukraine. Even if the place is turned into rubble.

That was Putin's stated objective from the outset of the war and he cannot afford to walk back on that promise and remain in power in Russia.

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