Sunday, April 3, 2022

Creating monoliths

Looking at today's Russia, we see a Tsar, Vladimir Putin, presiding over his personal empire, supported by numerous individuals and groups who benefit from his rule.

And historically, Russians like their 'strong men' even if they cause all manner of suffering to untold numbers of people. Stalin being a late example and Ivan the Terrible an earlier one.

Likewise, Germans loved Adolf Hitler in his day, as he tried to re-establish an empire (The Third Reich).

The Chinese are submissive to their tyrants as well and generally let themselves be bullied by the state.

There is also plenty of historical evidence for monolithic states; just look at massive pyramids of various kinds dotting the global landscape.

Today, technology is being used as a tool to re-impose controls over people, while pretending to do the opposite.

The Great Dictator is always waiting behind the stage. The greatest drug of all seems to be having unlimited power over other people.

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