Friday, April 15, 2022

Lords of the Mindscape

People around the world are now celebrating Easter, the spring festival, when life emerges, once again from the fertile Earth.

In Christianity this is symbolized by the resurrection of Jesus Christ and his ascent into heaven, to once again, sit by his father's side.

Ramadan in the Muslim tradition is tied to the phases of the moon, just like easter, and related to the beginning of the intense heat that begins around this time in Arabic countries and the importance of water.

Having lived in Baghdad, Iraq during the summer of 1961, I can speak to that one!

Passover in Judaism is likewise related to the moon and the escape of the Israelites from Egypt.

What these traditions have in common is that they impose rules, lots of them, on populations that have adopted the beliefs associated with each of them.

And then there are the enforcers, Lords of the Mindscape, who ensure that the rules are followed. They have special dispensations from God to do this and they are generally well fed and looked after by their followers.

In Christianity, they see themselves as "shepherds of the flock" and indispensable to the welfare of all.

Look at the pyramids around the globe to realize what kind of power they had over people in the past.

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