Saturday, April 9, 2022

Kenney's fight for political survival

Today is the day for Kenney. A Special General meeting of the United Conservative Party is scheduled to go ahead at 11am Mountain Time this morning and will be hosted virtually with all party members invited to attend.

I am included and will report back on proceedings here on my timeline. All those eligible to vote will receive ballots in the mail over the next number of days and the outcome should be known in mid to late May.

Kenney will also do his 'schpiel' on local radio station CHQR 770
beginning at 10 am this morning where the general public can phone in and ask questions / voice opinions.

Will he survive? A lot will depend on the fear factor of having the NDP's Rachel Notley back in the premier's seat after the next election. Many people are likely to hold their noses and vote for Kenney in spite of all his shortcomings that came to light during the pandemic.

Whatever happens is not going to heal the deep divisions present in Alberta's conservative community.

In regards to the NDP threat, federal leader Jagmeet Singh jumping into bed with Prince Justin in order to get screwed, is leaving both party supporters and opponents with a bad taste in the mouth.

While the federal and provincial NDP parties are separate entities, conservative voters that hate Prince Justin will likely be spurred on to hold their noses even more and vote for Kenney.

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