Saturday, April 16, 2022

Ukraine war considerations

I believe that the loss of Russia's Black Sea missile carrying flagship, the Moskva has made the Kremlin sit up and take notice that this "special military operation" is not what it was supposed to be: A "quick fix" in Ukraine

As Russian decision makers emerge from their slumber and face the reality of modern warfare against a well armed enemy, (in contrast to what is happening in Syria) they are beginning to sense possible danger to themselves.

So, now the rhetoric is ramping up with messages of "unpredictable consequences" for support of Ukraine's armed forces coming from the Kremlin.

And attitudes are hardening on Western side as well, as the world watches on.

In the long term, the outcome of a war ultimately depends on availability of resources to fight on, as Germany found out in both world wars last century.

In this case there are plenty of resources on both sides of the conflict, so don't expect a resolution in the foreseeable future.

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