Sunday, April 24, 2022

Ethnic mixing

Having lived most of my long life in Australia (21 years) and Canada (35 years), where ethnic mixing has been going on for a very long time, I feel qualified to make some comments.

If newcomers share an underlying cultural/religious base there are generally few serious problems in spite of racial differences between groups, if social mixing occurs over time.

Not so when waves of immigrants pour in across country borders, bringing their distinct cultures and internal problems with them.

The prevailing 'progressive' ideology in Europe that has allowed this to happen has simply divided Europeans into opposing groups with increasing trouble in the streets.

From the conservative perspective, this ideology is driven by NWO operatives to weaken the bonds that traditionally hold Europeans together and make them strong.

There is a long history of conflict between peoples whose mindscapes are formed by Christianity and Islam respectively, going back a thousand years, So if conflict is the goal, bringing large groups of people from these cultures into physical contact is a perfectly sound idea.

And having observed our own Prince Justin's NWO oriented wanna-be 'democratic' government here in Canada close innocent Canadians' bank accounts to feed the ego of Deputy Prime Minister Chrystia Freeland, I put nothing past this crew.

I would cordially invite Freeland and her colleague Foreign Minister Melanie Joly to return to Ukraine and join Zelensky in order to unseat Putin, which is their stated objective.

That piece of ethnic mixing would solve some problems here in Canada.

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