Saturday, April 9, 2022

Kenney's campaign rally

Just 'participated' in Jason Kenney's campaign rally, advertised as a Special General Meeting. It was nothing of the kind. No opportunity for input of any sort.

Just Jason Kenney patting himself on the shoulder about how great he is and how he has saved Alberta from itself.

The Great White Knight bringing prosperity and unity to Alberta's conservatives, who without him as leader, will surely descend into hopeless infighting, handing government on a plate to the socialists at the next election.

A small man with a huge ego.

The 'meeting' (show) was a complete setup by the Kenney clique and supporters. The beginning of more political unrest in Alberta.

As far as the vote goes, I have no faith in the integrity of these people. They have already excluded credible candidates from being nominated to contest riding candidacies for the party in the next election where there are sitting clique members, like here in the Sundre/Rocky/ Rimbey riding.

To me it looks like they are taking a page out of Vladimir Putin's playbook.

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