Tuesday, April 5, 2022

Troubling trends in Europe

Just listened to news conference hosted by NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg and another joint one hosted by the Swedish and Norwegian Prime Ministers.

The stakes in Ukraine are rising rapidly with Russians regrouping to the southern and eastern parts of Ukraine so as to connect Crimea to greater Russia and consolidate control over the lands involved.

The main Ukrainian forces are also concentrated in this area, so a big fight is inevitable, as NATO material assistance to Ukraine is being stepped up.

Meanwhile, both Sweden and Finland are now thinking about joining NATO for their own protection against the Russian bear,
Finland having been attacked by Russia in November, 1939.

So, the battle lines are being drawn for a much expanded conflict in the future, as the Kremlin crew members fully realize that they cannot afford to lose this war and survive as individuals.

Meanwhile, polarization between people within nations of the world is increasing as well, just as happened at the outbreak of WWII when a lot of people supported Adolf Hitler and his policy of territorial domination.

After many years of increasing tensions, a clash of empires in unfolding.

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