Sunday, March 13, 2022

What's coming in Ukraine?

As the war escalates, some trends are emerging: Heavy armour is no longer what it used to be and does not intimidate the general population like it did before.

The reason is the emergence of precision guided personal missiles that can be launched from the shoulder of a foot soldier and take out a tank or armoured personnel carrier in short order.

And Ukraine has thousands of American made Javelin missiles with likely more streaming in from outside sources every day.

So, all of a sudden Putin's tanks are becoming more of a liability than assets on the ground, and he knows that, as his army is reluctant to advance forwards very quickly in the face of deadly missile attacks.

So Putin's priority becomes to choke off enemy supply lines at all costs to stop the bleeding within his own army. That's where it gets tricky as a lot of those supplies come from Poland.

If Putin does not make headway, at what point does he decide to go all out?

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