Sunday, March 20, 2022

Norwegians are getting worried

Norway has a common border with Russia in the far north and it just so happens that Russia's main northern nuclear strike force is concentrated on the Kola peninsula, not very far from northern Norwegian communities.

During my time in the Norwegian Air Force I served on a NATO early warning radar station in that area in 1962/63 during the Cold War.

The station was expected to be taken off the air by the Russians within few minutes of hostilities breaking out at that time, we were told by senior NATO analysts.

This morning I listened to radio news from Norway where this matter was discussed and concerns being expressed. To top it off, NATO is planning to hold an annual military exercise off the northern coast of Norway shortly.

That was even the case in my military days and I remember the Russians holding their own exercise in the same area after ours was finished. They used to jam our radar at the time, just to poke their nose at us.

Norway was invaded and occupied by Germany at the outset of WWII and Russian troops invaded Northern Norway at the end of that war to get rid of the Germans stationed there.

At the time there were some concerns about them staying put, after the German departure...

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