Wednesday, March 9, 2022

Pandemic review

Just under two years ago, after hearing reports of Covid spread on cruise ships and at airports, I realized that the bug was primarily spread by way of aerosol droplets from breath, exhaled by one person and subsequently inhaled by another person.

To that end, I commissioned a video and posted it online during the spring of 2020 (please see link below)

Since then the pandemic followed a very similar trajectory to the one in 1918-20, and finished the same way with more infective and less deadly variants of the bug predominating over time.

As it turns out, Nature is very logical, multiplication is the name of the game, and killing the host does not fit into that game plan.

So, once the Omicron variant came along, the end was in sight and we will just learn to live with the bug, as has happened thousands of times in the past.

Vaccines saved an awful lot of lives, in contrast to what happened in 1918-20.

I'm inclined to think that the original Covid 19 was an engineered product that escaped by accident from the lab in Wuhan.
(I don't think that the Chinese would have deliberately let it loose in their own backyard).

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