Sunday, March 27, 2022

On freedom

The post-pandemic cry "freedom!"has been heard loud and clear across Canada, meaning freedom from restrictions and mandates.

And there are many indications of a universal "putch" to deprive the population of choices that are not approved by self appointed 'elites'.

In the distant past this tendency, towards universal regulation and uniformity, was physically embedded in giant structures that we now call "pyramids".

They have a broad and rectangular base and an apex point representing the multitudes and the ruler, closer to Sol (the Sun god) than the base.

So, the world hasn't changed very much, as empires come and go. The dynamic is the same: The few constantly try to subjugate the many, this time using electronic technology.

Next time you use your smartphone, think about who is actually smart.

There is one positive here: The societies that created the pyramids across the world no longer exist, because they were not compatible with the human mind that requires individual freedoms in order to thrive.

There comes a point when the multitudes turn on their masters and start anew.

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