Sunday, March 6, 2022

"I'll nuke you!" - The nuclear threat

Putin's reference in the mainstream media to his order to get Russian strategic nukes ready was designed to intimidate the rest of the world into keeping its hands off Ukraine.

Intimidation tactic, pure and simple, and it has succeeded so far.
In fact, all the world's nukes are ready to go at a moment's notice already. Otherwise there would be no point in having them.

So, Putin is playing a game of chicken with the rest of us and the people of Ukraine are the victims. And they are being systematically ground into the dirt by the Russian war machine, just like the German war machine did to its victims some 80 years ago.

The Ukraine government, hostile to Moscow, has a lot to do with it in waging an unofficial war against Russians in East Ukraine for some 8 years now with 10,000+ casualties to show for it.

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