Thursday, March 10, 2022

Oh, the money!

Prince Justin's latest stunt, under cover of the Emergencies Act, of preventing access to our money and potentially stealing it, gave us a heads up about what is coming down the pipeline.

So, what is a good alternative to money in the bank? Money in the hand, obviously.

But even cash can be made worthless by a flick of Prince Justin's finger, at his convenience. This has already been tried in India but didn't work because of the outcry that followed.

The point is, they tried, and will do it again, based on some kind of excuse of the day.

Silver has a multi thousand year record of use as a means of exchange and represents a viable alternative to fiat money issued by the state.

And there is a lot of it around with more coming on stream all the time. It is readily accepted by most people as having an established value, irrespective the whims of governments and their cronies.

Silver comes in many forms, as coins, bullion or silver ware which are convenient to use.

So, if you owe some money to the bank, keep it that way for when Prince Justin decides to close your account : )

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