Thursday, March 3, 2022

History repeats

Having just come out of a pandemic that turned out to be almost a carbon copy of the 1918-20 Flu Pandemic, Ukraine's old battlefields are, once again, emerging from the past and filling our heads.
The festering conflict in the east of Ukraine has now spread to the whole country and is involving players from all over the world.
It has become the flashpoint between two predominating ideologies, "Traditional" supported by the Putin government and "Progressive" by the Zelensky government in Kyiv.
Here in North America there is a lot of support for the "Traditional" position, even as the main stream media is 100% for the "Progressive" side. In Russia the opposite is the case.
I'm a firm believer in using history as a guide to what will happen in the future and based on that, ongoing conflict is a certainty in Ukraine.
Ukraine and Afghanistan have one feature in common: They are both located at strategically important points between East and West, causing an internal clash of cultural values.

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