Friday, March 4, 2022

Something smells

The so called 'war' in Ukraine may not be a real war at all. The Russians call it a "special military operation" and I think they might be right.
An operation to intimidate the people of Ukraine and the rest of us around the world, by creating real misery and suffering in the operations area and beyond.
Air power is not really being used by either side. In a 'normal' war it is always used right at the outset of hostilities, each side trying to establish air supremacy.
It is as if there is a tacit understanding between the Ukrainian government and Putin not to use airpower.
Meanwhile the actor Zelenski is being portrayed as a hero and Putin as the Big Bad Guy in the Western media.
I'm smelling a false flag operation designed to intimidate and terrorize people in Ukraine and far beyond its borders, in the wake of the Covid pandemic.
It started way back in 2001 on September 11, when building #7 collapsed on its own footprint for no reason at all.

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