Wednesday, March 2, 2022

New Russian strategy

Initial approach was to go in quickly with an overwhelming armoured force, expecting to replace Ukraine's government without a lot of destruction.
It didn't work because of unexpected resistance from the Ukrainian population.
The new strategy is an old one: Clobber the civilian population into submission by destroying their cities using overwhelming air power in the form of missiles and aircraft.
"The siege of Warsaw in 1939 was fought between the Polish Warsaw Army garrisoned and entrenched in Warsaw and the invading German Army. It began with huge aerial bombardments initiated by the Luftwaffe starting on September 1, 1939 following the Nazi invasion of Poland. Wikipedia"
Reportedly, the Russian army has been losing a lot of people to American "Javelin" anti tank missiles launched by well trained Ukrainian soldiers.
So now the butchery will be ramped up an order of magnitude in order try to break the fighting spirit of the Ukrainians.
My prediction? Ukrainians will dig in and fight even harder, like the Russians did in St. Petersburg (Stalingrad) in 1942-43) against the German invaders.

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