Monday, February 14, 2022

Two solitudes

Op Ed by Helge Nome
Canada is now splitting into two camps. In one silo the federal government, the mainstream media and about half the population.
In the other silo, the rest of the people using social media of all kinds to reinforce a totally different narrative.
The two sides are demonizing one another and refuse to engage in any kind of meaningful discourse, each being convinced of the righteousness of its own position.
And then there are the native people watching and wondering what is coming next.
Another observation: The bulk of the folks in one silo live in the center/east of the country, the other predominantly in the west, as seen in the last couple of federal elections.
Prince Justin's invocation of the Emergencies Act today greatly reinforced existing divisions and has set the tone for future developments.
He should write a handbook on how to rip a country apart.

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