Saturday, February 5, 2022

Troubling trends

Op Ed by Helge Nome

The Covid pandemic has increased stresses and strains in an already divided Canadian society and they are likely to remain after the pandemic subsides. The ongoing trucker convoy is an indicator of this fact.

Compared to a previous similar convoy to Ottawa a few years ago, this one is an order of magnitude larger and has resulted in an occupation of downtown Ottawa.

The Trudeau government in Ottawa has no sympathy whatsoever for the demonstrators and refuse outright to deal with them in any way, other than demonizing them to the best of its ability.

Meanwhile, the Canadian prairies and the American Midwest are entering a second year of drought with drastically reduced crop yields and facing ongoing water shortage challenges.

What will that do to people's sense of frustration and anger towards each other?

It is likely that a main factor in bringing down the Mayan civilization in Central America was ongoing drought amidst civil strife and wars.

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