Friday, February 18, 2022

From my perspective

What we are seeing in Ottawa today is likely the beginning of something much bigger.
Having lived in Canada for 35 years now, I have come to realize that this nation was cobbled together from a bunch of semi-independent colonies and territories that did not have a lot in common to start with.
People from all manner of places and ethnicities are sharing the same physical space held together by railway lines and roads running east-west.
From the outset, what is now Central Canada, was the hub of economic and political power which was exercised to control what happened in the western parts of what we now call Canada.
The West became to Central Canada what her colonies became to Britain: A source of raw materials and wealth for the elites.
And now the 'peasants' of Canada are being 'put in their place'
using a political sledgehammer called the "Emergencies Act".
Bank accounts of anyone suspected of being associated with the truckers convoy can be frozen and this is happening right now.
On the positive side, if you owe a lot of money, that may not be a bad thing? : )

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