Monday, May 9, 2022

Who is the world's bully?

From World Population Review:
"Top 10 Countries with the Highest Military Expenditures (2020):
The United States — $778 billion
China — $252 billion [estimated]
India — $72.9 billion
Russia — $61.7 billion
United Kingdom — $59.2 billion
Saudi Arabia — $57.5 billion [estimated]
Germany — $52.8 billion
France — $52.7 billion
Japan — $49.1 billion
South Korea — $45.7 billion"

Conspicuous conflicts since the end of WWII:
Korea, Vietnam, Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, Syria and others, with the US as a major player.

And now those budgets are set to go up right across the board as the war in Ukraine drags on and the financial/military/industrial complex profits from the death and destruction.

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