Wednesday, May 11, 2022

Ukraine - new Korea

Is history repeating itself?
“The fighting ended on 27 July 1953 when the Korean Armistice Agreement was signed. The agreement created the Korean Demilitarized Zone (DMZ) to separate North and South Korea, and allowed the return of prisoners. However, no peace treaty was ever signed, and the two Koreas are technically still at war, engaged in a frozen conflict.” (Wiki)

Will the war in Ukraine end up in a stalemate between the West and Russia not unlike what happened in Korea, where a state of war still technically exists?

And Russians settling in behind a new iron curtain, conducting trade through China and India, principally?

The Russians will likely hang on to their gains in the south and east of Ukraine, including Crimea and let the Americans prop up the rest of that country, as they have been doing all along, with a $40 billion handout announced today.

The Russians may not be adverse to a new iron curtain, because it will insulate young Russians from the “corrupting influences” of the Western “neo-nazies”, a term used to remind Russians of what was done to them during WWII.

On April 30, 1971, I stopped over briefly in Moscow, on my way from Sydney, Australia to Oslo, Norway and along with fellow passengers was given a conducted tour through the city, including the Red Square.

It was like the clock had suddenly been put back 40 years to pre-WWII Europe with old buildings everywhere and hardly anybody in the streets. And a young tour guide that proudly espoused the virtues of Communism.

Russians have been continuously vilified in the Western main stream media, for quite some time now by our presstitutes, as cheats and liars, so you can’t blame them for telling the West what it can go and do to itself.

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