Monday, May 2, 2022

Ominous sign

Rumour has it that Russia is about to mobilize its people. In the longer term that means that the whole Russian economy will be transformed into a machine producing and consuming that which is required for prolonged warfare.

Factories will be retooled from consumer goods production to war goods production and people will be commandeered to carry out whichever jobs are needed to support the war effort.

Nothing new here. It has happened, oh so many times in the past and the Russians are good at it, based on the command economy that existed during the Soviet era.

And watching Russian mobilization, the peoples of Finland and Norway, for example would be tempted to follow suit, based on what happened during WWII.

Increased paranoia on both sides could lead to active hostilities at some point as weapons supplied by the West are killing an awful lot of Russian soldiers in Ukraine.

An escalation in hostilities is all but a certainty. It remains to be seen how quickly this will happen.

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