Sunday, May 22, 2022

Violent weather

We are now heading into the Northern summer and early high temperature events have already been reported from southern Europe and Eastern Turtle Island (North America). Associated with them are severe thunderstorms as cold dry air masses collide with warm and humid ones.

At the same time we are building massive solar and wind farms in order to generate renewable energy in places all over the world, including offshore wind farms.

The question arises: How vulnerable are these structures to violent weather events that are now increasing on an annual basis? Picture those rows and rows of solar panels just being peeled off a field like pieces of paper by a passing tornado.

Or windmills being twisted and blades shredded by same?

In contrast, nuclear plants can be placed in “geosafe” (non seismic) locations with minimal exposure to wind and weather.

And if the sun doesn’t shine and the wind declines to blow, they are still merrily working away, keeping us warm or cool as the case may be.

That is exactly what we would do if we were to set up shop on an alien planet with violent unpredictable weather. Which is what our Earth is beginning to look like.

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