Tuesday, May 3, 2022

War - new normal?

As the novelty of a new war in Europe wears off and life settles down and adopts to ongoing conflict, one can speculate on longer term implications.

The continuing demand for munitions and all manner of war supplies will mean a change in the production of goods and services to that end, away from consumer goods.

The military/industrial complex will grow in power and influence and will demand more and more financial support from society at large in the form of money printed by central banks at our expense.

Citizens will be subjected to harsher laws so as to enforce compliance with the requirements of the state, controlled by cliques of warmongers like Prince Justin and his crew here in Kanuckistan.

Is it all part of the NWO Great Reset?

Once again, please read George Orwell's novel "1984". The script is all laid out in detail and it is entertaining in a dark kind of way.

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