Thursday, May 19, 2022

Weather waves

One way of looking at the temperature aspect global weather is that of wave action. In other words, temperature variations plotted on a global graph resembles waves travelling around, along with other indicators like air pressures, winds, etc.

From my experience it looks like the size and duration of these waves are on the increase with longer periods of hot and cold weather, both.

Here on the Canadian prairies that was definitely the case during last summer’s heat wave and long severe cold snap during the winter that was.

The same is true of precipitation with huge amounts of rain/snow fall in some places and drought (like we are now experiencing in Central Turtle Island (North America) at present.

So, climate change is not coming in the form of a smooth rise in temperatures world wide as one might expect. Instead we are witnessing increased wave action in many weather indicators.

And that will have major implications for world agricultural production, along with wars and pestilence. Welcome to our brave new world.

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