Sunday, May 8, 2022

When empires cash

The war in Ukraine is not a war between two countries, Russia vs Ukraine. It is a war between the Western Empire, led by the US and the re-emerging Russian Empire.

Ukraine is the meat in the sandwich, located in a strategically vital place for leverage by either empire, over the other. And, as empires have come and gone over the last thousand years or so, not much has changed. Access to the Black Sea and the world’s oceans has seen to that.

The Ukrainian army has received training and weapons from the West for many years now and the present version of the Ukrainian state has been propped up by Western capital for the longest time with installed politicians and their connections to New York which is the hub of the Western Empire

So, when Ukrainian armed forces sank the Black Sea Russian flagship, the Moskva, they did so with detailed intelligence information from American satellites. In fact, the Ukrainian armed forces probably know more about Russian troop movements on the ground, than Russians know about Ukrainian operations, in spite of Russian air superiority.

As Ukraine is now being carved up by two empires, its people are the victims, as always. As are Russian and Ukrainian soldiers and conscripts on the ground.

The other day I watched some colour enhanced film footage from WWI with related narrative and was struck by the fact that nothing has changed. Absolutely nothing. We are still allowing self appointed old men to slaughter our women, children and young people in order to feed their perverted egos.

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