Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Towers for the people

Corridor Communications' tower near Caroline, Alberta.

Photo and story by Helge Nome

The council of the County of Clearwater in West Central Alberta discussed the idea of erecting more communications towers at its regular meeting on March 27. County staff presented the results of a consultant study which indicates that a number of county residents, with over 500 concentrated in the southern end of the county, are not being served by existing communications towers. A grant of more than one million dollars is now potentially available from the Province of Alberta to enable the county to erect additional towers, each of which costs some $390,000. The county would then rent out space on the towers to communication service providers to pay for their upkeep.

After some discussion, council authorized the application for funds to go ahead and also resolved to form a committee to look at tower placements. The committee members are: Case Korver, John Vandermeer and Jim Duncan.
You can access the Clearwater County website here

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