Saturday, March 24, 2012

Alberta election 2012 candidate town hall meeting

Wildrose Alliance candidate Joe Anglin pitched his message to an audience of some 30 people at the James River Hall on March 22.

By Helge Nome

The presentation was part of a tour across the Rocky Mountain House electorate where Anglin presented his reasons for why the present Alberta government needs to be replaced after having been in office for 40 years. Of major concern is the blatant power grab of the cabinet in the form of Bills 24, 36 and 50 which are now enacted into law and puts dictatorial powers into the cabinet room, overriding citizens' rights to a fair judicial hearing.

Anglin also spoke about the exorbitant cost of new proposed power lines linking coal fired power plants in the north of Alberta to the North American grid and a lucrative
energy market for producers at the expense of Alberta's power consumers.

When asked about the Wildrose Alliance's Western energy strategy which includes support for a pipeline carrying crude oil from Alberta's tar sands to the BC coast,
Anglin agreed that bitumen should be upgraded to synthetic oil before being exported from Alberta. That reflected the opinion of members of the audience as well.

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