Thursday, March 22, 2012

Next-Generation Nuclear Power: Thomas Drolet

Editor: Like it or not, if present energy consumption trends continue the use of nuclear power is not an option, it is a given. Read this informative article where an expert with Canadian roots is interviewed. Please note that the option of using Thorium, instead of Uranium, does not come up on the radar:

Source: Brian Sylvester of The Energy Report (3/22/12)

Thomas Drolet Can the nuclear industry sustain itself with a once-every-ten-years accident frequency? Absolutely not, says Tom Drolet, principal of energy consulting firm Drolet & Associates Energy Services Inc. However, with new reactor technology underway, the industry has an opportunity to show the public it can safely generate reliable, affordable low-emissions energy. In this exclusive interview for The Energy Report, Drolet outlines his vision for U.S. energy policy and how next-generation nuclear energy figures into it.
Read text of broad ranging interview here

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