Monday, May 30, 2011

Safia Qaddafi Gives First Ever Interview To Media on Murder of Her Children

Posted: 2011/05/30
From: Mathaba

In a distressed telephone call, Mu'ammar Qaddafi's wife Safia tells of her horrible experience being targeted by NATO and having her youngest son and 3 baby grandchildren killed. Translation is from Arabic.

Safia said she wants to respond to those who doubt the death of her son Sayf Al-Arab, a young student who was studying in Germany and had returned home to visit his family. The following is a translation transcript from the Arabic recording, by Mathaba News Agency:

My son never missed an evening prayer. We had [air bombing] strikes every day and the strikes would start at evening prayer. Four rockets on one house. I was not there. But I wished that I was so I may die with him.

They are looking for excuses to target Muammar. What has he done to deserve this.

My children are civilians and they have been targeted. What do they have to do with this.

I want them to prosecute NATO. They killed my son and the Libyan people.

They are defaming our reputation. They are committing war crimes and accusing us of embezzling billions from the Libyan people. My conscience wouldn't allow such things.

Forty countries are against us. Life has no value any more. What would I want with life now? All I want out of life now is that the truth be heard.

By the will of God we will be victorious. We will live or die alongside the Libyan people. In the end, history will judge us.

Mrs Qaddafi said that she was speaking now because she believes her sons death was deliberately sidelined by the [fake] Bin Laden death by the united states and that the timing of the announcement of his "assassination" was an attempt to distract the world from the murder of her son Sayf Al Arab.

See link below to interview with Aisha, Al-Qaddafi's daughter, who also lost her baby in the same attack on their house which was repeatedly bombed by NATO in violation of all laws and morality, not long after the interview took place. Article source here

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