Saturday, May 14, 2011

Gaddafi is not about to give up

The leader of the revolution who lives in the hearts of the millions, the place which cannot be reached by the crusaders, delivered an audio message broadcast by Libyan state TV on Friday evening.
The leader started his speech by conveying thanks to all president, ministries, ambassadors, officials and ordinary people who were concerned about the leaders health conditions, after hearing on the coward missile attack by the crusaders on the dawn of Thursday May 12.
" this coward missile aggression which resulted in the martyrdom of 3 Libyans, and to whose families I would like to say, don’t be sad; instead, be proud as consequently your sons immortally live in the eternal life".
" I would like to say to those coward crusaders, I live in a place you can't reach to kill me because I live in the hearts of the millions, and even if you managed to kill me physically, you can't kill my soul, which live in the hearts of the millions. Glory is ours, immortality is for the martyrs, and the shame and death are for the cowards and traitors," the leader said via his an audio message. Source here

Editor: Please note the referral to "crusaders" in the above article. This is a polarizing message that stirs up very old resentments in the Middle East. It means that we in the "new world' are getting sucked into a maelstrom of ancient hatreds.
Why would we do that?

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