Tuesday, May 31, 2011

An Open Appeal to the People of the United States and Great Britain

by Nazir Ahmed

We realize that it is difficult for the people in USA and Europe, who feel themselves absolutely safe, to understand how difficult it is to live under permanent air strikes, when every night war aircraft are flying above your head, and bombs and missiles are falling all around. But on the other hand it is easier for us to remember about GOD. As the main USA motto goes: “In God we trust”. Thus it is not a good idea to forget now that besides human trial there is DIVINE JUSTICE. Yes, Libyans cannot hit America back – in fact, they even have no such idea at all, they just try to defend themselves and their homes, – but God can. Unprecedented tornadoes in Alabama and adjacent states with casualties and destruction comparable to those in Libya – isn’t it a clear response to the American leaders’ irresponsible politics?

“HE THAT HAS EARS TO HEAR, LET HIM HEAR WHAT THE SPIRIT SAYS…” After the latest sorrowful events in Tripoli, we, despite being the Orthodox Christians, together with our co-religionists from the Greek Orthodox Church as well as Roman Catholics in Tripoli, are praying for the souls of murdered Muslim Innocents. We repeat one prayer: «God save Libya!» If no human power can do it nowadays.

To the honest people of America:

Your ancestors were the first to become really free people. They threw off the yoke of the British Empire, proclaimed the independence and freedom, and started living in accordance to the people’s will. So, why now do your leaders not allow other peoples to have freedom and independence, and to choose their own way of life?

Before the war, Libya was a paradise for its people and for foreigners worked there, everyone felt himself safe and happy. Yes, this paradise was rather different from the American one, but is it a sound reason to destroy it? Please, try to understand this, and make your leaders stop killing innocent people, even if they ventured to have some other idea about life than in the USA!

To the people of the former Great Britain:

How do you allow your leaders to openly mock you all? In the day of the Royal wedding, the war hawks were planning to kill another country’s Leader. Do they think that such a murder would be the best wedding present to the offspring of their Sovereign? Or the Prime-minister considers the British Royal couple akin to King Herod and Herodias so as to bring them the head of Qaddafi? In fact, his plan failed, thus the slaughter of Innocents in Tripoli by modern Herods turned out to be his main – – and one would say rather insulting and arrogant – – gift to the newly-married couple. How could so proud a people as the British bear such a shameful behavior by their leaders?!

We plead with all the honest, good-intentioned people in the West and East to support our appeal to STOP WAR AGAINST LIBYA. We ask people to spread this letter everywhere possible – to news agencies, Human Rights Groups and other international and national organizations, even to one’s own friends – in order to force American, British and NATO war hawks and Satan’s disciples to STOP AGGRESSION AGAINST THE PEOPLE OF LIBYA !
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