Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Alberta Government in trouble

Editor: This editorial was published in the Rocky View Weekly in Alberta on April 29.
It relates to legislation which effectively centralizes power in the hands of government bureaucrats in Edmonton. Not surprisingly, the legislation was created by the same bureaucrats and handed to the elected politicians for implementation.

Rocky View Weekly:

Editorial: PCs have chosen a hill to die on
Apr 29, 2011

Often times it’s not what you choose to support that comes to define you, it’s what you choose to oppose. In its white-knuckle embrace of controversial bills 19, 36, and 50, the Progressive Conservative party has chosen its hill to die on.
Bill 50 - The Electric Statutes Amendment Act, Bill 19 - The Land Assemble Project Act and Bill 36 - The Alberta Land Stewardship Act have been largely rejected by a rural populace unwilling to have their property rights eroded and stripped away. The government had a chance, this spring, to gauge public opinion. It had a chance to ease rural fears, admit a mistake and make amends. The government half-heartedly attempted to do this with Bill 10. However, in using selective language meant to muddy the waters and confuse the public, the bill fell short. It was lipstick on a pig, and didn’t fool anyone.
This time, rather than admit defeat and go back to the drawing board, the government chose the worst possible time to grow a spine.
This government, which has caved into multiple unions’ demands for outrageous wage increases in the midst of a global recession, which has chosen deficits over spending control, decided to pick a fight with rural Alberta. The government invoked closure to halt debate on Bill 10 and ram the legislation through.
In short, the government that has tried to be all things to all people has finally chosen something to oppose - and it’s you. A provincial general election is not far away. The PC party may hold onto some urban seats, for now. The PCs may even hold on to government, for now.
But, in choosing this hill to die on, the PC party looks to have sealed its demise in rural Alberta.

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