Sunday, May 15, 2011

How to win friends and influence people

Muslim world in uproar as imams and sheikhs targeted in NATO bombing.

Mourners vowed revenge and rattled off heavy gunfire in a Tripoli cemetery on yesterday as they buried nine Muslim clerics and medics killed in a NATO airs-trike in Eastern Libya. NATO has been intensifying air-strikes in its assassination attempts against Muammar Qaddafi and the Libyan government and military in several areas of Libya. The sound of another apparent NATO airstrike was heard in Tripoli on Saturday night, in what has been a daily event for the past 2 months. Libyan state TV said it targeted a site at the Bab al-Aziziya military base that includes Muammar Qaddafi’s residence. NATO has countered the failure of its disastrous mission to murder Qaddafi under the guise of a "humanitarian no-fly zone" by placing advertisements in leading NATO-country newspapers in North America and Europe. It has also penned an article by a "Mr Con" in the neo-con mouthpiece The Telegraph, which painted a picture of NATO doing "everything it could" to avoid civilian deaths but failed outright to even mention the killing of the Imams nor of 3 babies and at least 7 adults including Qaddafi's son 2 weeks ago. Moussa Ibrahim reported that the men who were killed early on Friday 13th were clerics who met in the port town of Brega, which has been fought over throughout the three-month conflict, to pray for peace. Ibrahim said dozens of clerics hoped to head to the rebel-held eastern part of Libya to seek an end to the war. He and other government spokespeople said 11 were killed. He said 50 people also were wounded, including five in critical condition. A cleric who identified himself as a witness gave a different account and said that nine were killed. He said they were a group of 16 men sent by the country’s Islamic affairs department to Brega to demonstrate that the port city was firmly in the hands of government forces as an act of defiance.

“We wanted to show that Brega wasn’t in rebel hands,” the cleric said. “We wanted to prove it by praying in the mosque on Friday. But we didn’t make it — my friends were killed in the strike,” he said at the funeral in Tripoli’s main Shat al-Hanshir cemetery.

The cleric said three strikes hit their guest house and formed a crater he estimated to be 16 feet deep and 50 feet wide.

“It leveled the area,” he said. “We identified our friends from their clothing,” said the cleric.

He listed the names of seven fellow clerics he said were killed, including a leading cleric named Sheik Omar Ibrahim. Article source here

Canadian Lieutenant General Charles Bouchard.
The deputy commander of the North American Aerospace Defense Command (NORAD) has taken charge of NATO's operations in Libya for enforcing a no-fly zone.

Information source here

Editor: This individual is paid by Canadian taxpayers who are therefore indirectly responsible for what is happening in Libya

NATO's side of the story:

13 May. 2011
Brega Airstrike

A command and control bunker was struck in Brega early this morning as the structure was being used by the Qadhafi regime to coordinate strikes against the Libyan civilian population.

We are aware of allegations of civilian casualties in connection to this strike, and although we cannot independently confirm the validity of the claim, we regret any loss of life by innocent civilians when they occur.

The goal of NATO and its partners is to reduce the Qadhafi regime’s ability to attack civilians by weakening their command and control structure. The building struck had been clearly identified as a command and control centre.
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