Thursday, April 2, 2009

Democracy Now Newscast


Rule #63 said...

Compounding complexity since the industrial revolution has made a bureaucracy indispensable.
This opinioncast addresses only one half of a critical underlying component in any contemporary system of government, personal greed - which is as applicable to any would be reformers as it is integral with what they oppose.

In the proposed New World Order, who would the bureaucrats be?

Helge said...

These bureaucrats would be people who believe in real public service rather than licking the boots of the Word Spider that has created a web of debt in which to enmesh us all.
They have to emerge from their communities as leaders traditionally did in tribal societies, with loyalties firmly rooted in the people they represent.

Rule #63 said...

Islamic principles have been prominent, if not at the forefront, of personal debt minimization; along with arguably more appropriate penalties for inevitable miscreants than permitted by self interest oriented capitalist governments.

Perhaps an optimal solution is somewhere in the middle.