Monday, April 27, 2009


Participants in the 30 hour famine at Caroline School on Friday April 17. These students fasted for 30 hours ending with a sleep/stayover and breakfast at the school on Saturday Morning. This was done in recognition of all the people in this world that go to bed hungry, without having a choice.
The famine started midnight Thursday April 16 and ended at 6am on Saturday with breakfast provided by Ravenwood Meats and Caroline Supplies.
The participants were: Billi Jean Johnston, Chelsea Ververda, Cory Campbell, Kiara Price, Myranda Hensel, Kaylee Biggart, Candice Moss, Morgan Smith, Taija Graham, Katelyn Godwin, Leona Korth, Teale Spooner, Chloe Radau, Randi-Lea Masse, Ryan Shrader, Meagan Coyle, Kailey Fauville, Jazmine Spooner, Michal Turchel, Dion Roper, Crystal Benz, Nicole Fortin, Brandi Fortin. Supervisors: Nora Reilander, Kirsten Collison, Nathan Moore.

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