Monday, April 20, 2009

Border Paving Hosts Gravel Pit Meeting At Crammond

A proposal by Border Paving of Red Deer to establish a Gravel Pit and Hot Asphalt Mix operation some 4 miles east of the Crammond corner on Highway 22 was discussed at some length at a public meeting in the Crammond Hall on Monday, May 6. Four people from the company were in attendance to field questions from some 50 local residents about the proposal. The “Open House” meeting had been mandated by Clearwater County as part of the process of applying for a development permit.

The increased traffic and noise in the area was a major concern for those present and a sense of frustration was expressed over the company's difficulty in predicting the amount of disturbance that would happen due to uncertainty over the number of contracts the company would get in the area.

Vic Walls from the company fielded most of the questions from the floor and noted that Crammond Road would not be used for gravel hauling in the summer time due to its unstable foundations. Smells from the hot asphalt operations were also discussed and Walls noted that, regrettably, some degree of nuisance was associated with a gravel/asphalt operation. The meeting went on for a good couple of hours and started on a fairly aggressive note with a more “mellow ending”.

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