Monday, April 27, 2009

Pen Meets Paper April 27'09

Pen Meets Paper
Opinion by Helge Nome
There is currently a big scare about a swine related flu virus (H1N1) causing a world wide pandemic. Last time it was a bird flu virus that caused a panic and resulted in some chemical companies selling a lot of vaccines to troubled governments. In the meantime, people are starving and dying from a plethora of diseases, caused by malnutrition and poverty, on a large scale, without most people blinking an eyelid.
In contrast, I find it rather curious that when financial chaos looms ahead, all the “experts” continuously pat us on the back and say that everything is going to be OK. “Just keep spending and go further into debt to fix the economy”. I have spent considerable time recently looking into the workings of the world economy and the manipulations that take place in that shadowy world. It just about makes your hair stand on end: Fake money is being made out of thin air at a record pace and used to create toxic financial "products" that are not worth the paper they are printed on. The face value of these are currently estimated to be in excess of $700 Trillion, yes, seven hundred thousand billion dollars. And way back down the line, they are tied into real assets that belong to real people. So when these "I Owe Yous" come due and the contractual obligations attached to them can not be met, the ownership of real assets is jeopardized, creating havoc on Main Street. In response, our governments are pledging the support of us, the taxpayers, to bail out the crooks that made up all the fancy money, which is just another way of robbing us of real wealth and give it to those people that should be behind bars by now.
There is only one possible conclusion: The people that we have elected to represent us in government are in the pockets of the people that are committing fraud on a grand scale.
If you take some time, and study the relationships between the people that make up the North American Establishment, the border between Canada and the United States simply disappears. The connections are just too obvious. In practice, our “democracy” is a smoke and mirrors job because of our collective apathy. It need not be that way.

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