Monday, November 28, 2022


The hallmark of our ‘civilization’. Based on cheap abundant energy that, in turn, gives rise to gazilions of goods and services consumed by an ever increasing population with a seemingly insatiable appetite for more.

And then a bunch of people get together every year to complain and ruminate about what is going on, the latest being COP(out)27 in Egypt
where participants perpetuate the pattern of wasting energy by their very presence in luxury hotels and burning copious quantities of jet fuel, complaining about cows farting in distant fields.

A war starts in Europe and the world returns to two camps throwing bombs at one another and ramping up the armaments industry for the financial benefit of the few and suffering of many, consuming more and more fossil energy in the process.

The question is not if this shit show will end. The question is: “When?”

My advice: Get ready for sooner, rather than later.

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