Saturday, November 26, 2022

Gun bans

This is coming from someone who was recently shot at by a rogue trigger happy ‘hunter’: Canada’s government is continuing its ‘putsch’
to remove guns from the hands of Canadians by trying to implement sneaky administrative moves to avoid debating legislation in Parliament.

This is a hallmark of the present government and is continuing to alienate them from a large and growing segment of the population.
The attitude is grounded in a history of dictatorship in Canada by British appointed governors in the early days of colonization.

The idea of the gun bans is to effectively subjugate Canadians to the whims of a self appointed ‘elite’ that can then use its armed henchmen with impunity to impose the will of the few onto the many, as is done in totalitarian regimes, like China, Russia and other places.

Meanwhile the same people are flooding the world market with military weapons by providing Ukraine with an unlimited supply of same.

Ain’t gonna work, Prince Justin. Thanks for creating record sales of handguns and munitions in Canada with your antics.

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