Tuesday, November 29, 2022

Phoney war?

The first 8 months of WWII has been labelled “The phoney war” by historians and have some parallels with the war in Ukraine at this time. Limited actions took place on the battle front and included the German invasions of Norway and Poland. After that the scale of operations increased steadily.

Will that happen in Ukraine? I don’t think so. It is just too convenient for both parties to keep the show rolling along with interest groups on both sides raking in enormous profits as the military hardware gets consumed and replacement hardware produced.

I find it rather interesting that Russian communities along the Ukraine/Russia border seem to be immune to attacks from Ukraine, as if some kind of deal had been struck between the Kyiv and Kremlin regimes.

On the other side, Ukrainians can now emigrate to virtually any country in the Western world, of their choosing, in contrast to other people. The Kyiv regime is also receiving billions of dollars with no strings attached from us taxpayers in the West.

Life in Ukraine seems to be going along pretty well as normal in spite of mainstream media reports to the contrary.

Do you smell a rat??

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