Sunday, November 27, 2022


Movement of people across the globe. As well as all kinds of other critters, including plants, animals and associated micro organisms.

As the artificially created and natural world around us changes, we are an integral part of that change and move along with it, in order to survive as a species.

That was true when glaciers encircled the world and continually changed and moved. We moved along with them and the plants and animals that kept us alive.

Also, when human populations increased due to fortuitous circumstances, we pushed each other around, competing for the best ‘pastures’.

Right now, Nature is doing a number on us, as the air masses that continually circulate around the globe are changing their behaviour.
And mass migrations will likely follow with all the attendant trauma experienced in the past.

On the plus side, the challenge to deal with that is built into our DNA from the endless migrations that have taken place in the past.

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