Friday, July 29, 2022

Weimar Republic repeat?

The demise of the German Reich in 1918 saw the birth of the Weimar Republic in its place. Disastrous policies enacted by its early government led to hyperinflation in its currency and robbed Germans of their stored monetary wealth.

Widespread poverty in Berlin, and elsewhere, led to the German capital being turned into a brothel where all manner of people sold sexual favours to anybody with some hard currency to spare, in order to avoid starvation.

The reaction by the German people was entirely predictable leading to street fights between groups of people disgusted with what was happening and communists seeing an opportunity to grab power amidst the chaos.

Similar trends are now evident in the West with people taking to the street in reaction to government of the day policies and monetary inflation well under way, fuelling the fire.

History has a tendency to repeat itself.

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