Tuesday, July 26, 2022

Political parties and networks

The political party system that has evolved over the years in so called “democracies” makes it possible for anyone to chose how to be involved in the political process where they live.

Theoretically, anyone can throw their name in a hat and become the next Great Leader of their country. We are told that “democracy” is the best political system invented to date to insure inclusiveness for all.

Then there is the practical reality of politics which is based on networks of people working together for common goals and trading favours to achieve individual ones. Good old horse trading in my book.

While the party acts as an umbrella of illusions, things get done in certain ways because individuals, making compromises to get what they want, make it happen.

On the conservative side, here in Alberta, there are two prevailing networks operating within the (not so) United Conservative Party: The old guard Progressive Conservative folks that held on to political power in Alberta for some 40 years by going to bed with oil and gas companies, and then there are the former upstart Wild Rose people that had had enough of the self serving PC dudes.

A leadership race is now underway between the two factions and the winner will become the new Premier of Alberta, taking the place of outgoing Premier Jason Kenney who is firmly rooted in the PC camp of the UCP.

And the race is getting dirtier every day.

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